How to know if you are buying a Home in the right location

There is no denying the fact that the location is the most important factor to consider when buying a home, whether for short-term investment or for end use. The location you choose will have an impact on the home’s value on the market as well as your lifestyle.

So how do you know if you’re buying a home in the right great location? To help you out, we bring here a few characteristics of a great location:

1. Proximity to Commercial Hubs

One of the best places to invest in would be an area which enjoys proximity to commercial hubs. Such a location ensures great employment opportunities that will lead to better developments and social & civic infrastructure – thus promising good returns on your investment in the long run.

2. Excellent Connectivity

An area that is well-connected to the rest of the city makes for a great property location. In fact, localities close to highways and major roads demand a higher value than others.

3. Easy Access to Public Transport

The more mass transit facilities available in the area, the greater is the value of the location – it is an indication of development and improving infrastructure.

4. Great Social Infrastructure

Another factor that makes for a viable location is the social infrastructure in the area - the presence of reputed schools and colleges, hospitals, restaurants, public facilities such as parks, banks and more. Not only will these add value to the location, they will also offer you a comfortable lifestyle.

5. Future Developments

Upcoming commercial and residential developments could also have a positive effect on the future value of the property. Find out if any new roads or other infrastructural projects will be coming up in the area.


Remember that you can always modify the interiors of your home, but you never change its location. Hence, choose your property location with care.

Thane has emerged as a top choice of destination for residential developments. Commercial developments, infrastructural growth and the presence of quality social infrastructure has pushed the popularity of this location.