Here's how living amid nature enriches your life

When was the last time you were woken up by the sweet chirping of birds? When was the last time you just lay under a tree reading a book, sat by a lake with your feet dipped in water or climbed a mountain and felt the fresh breeze?

We Mumbaikars are not used to such privileges of life. Instead, we are accustomed to watching concrete spaces from our windows. This is not the life we deserve, is it? We need a life that's more enriching, one that caters to our body, mind, and soul. How do we achieve this? By living amid nature. Here's why -

Fresh Air

Locations with more greenery are generally less polluted and the presence of vegetation itself helps in keeping the air cleaner.

More Physical Activity

Green spaces encourage you to step out of your home, take a walk or a jog and exercise. This helps in keeping your body fit.

Psychological Advantage

A hypothesis by Howard Frumkin, dean of The University of Washington proposes - Nature is soothing and restorative, thereby good for mental health. Various other researchers have also endorsed the fact that living amid nature is good for one’s mental health.

Lower Risk of Mortality

A study published in the journal - Environmental Health Perspectives - found that people who live in greener areas, with more vegetation around, have a lower risk of mortality. This is likely due to the factors such as improved mental health and physical activity.

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