5 tips to add a festive touch to your home

The festive season is already here and it is time to start prepping your home for the merriments too! If you haven’t already doing so, here are 5 quick tips to make your home festive ready!


Give your furniture a fresh look

Is your furniture old and boring? Want some more freshness in the home? Then go easy on your pockets and jazz up your upholstery instead. Fresh and colourful cushion covers and bright upholstery material can instantly lit your furniture and room.

Do the same with your curtains – use bright colours like pink, gold and yellow to brighten your interiors up.


Put your favourite cutlery on display

Use the tables at home to display your best crockery and cutlery. This is also a great way to keep serving your loved ones their favourite sweets and snacks that they can nibble on every now and then. Spread out nuts and dry fruits too that visitors can indulge in without you having to serve them. Your cherished cutlery also gets the attention they deserve this way.


Light up!

It is time to bring out the fairy lights, serial bulbs and string LEDs out of hibernation. Decorate your home beautifully with fairy lights and lanterns. You can hang them along windows, potted plants and entrances. Candles are a great way to announce the arrival of festive spirit at your home too!



Nothing spells festive season more than accessories like rangolis, décor and lamps. Choose from colourful laces, ribbons and vases. Embellishments like beads, craft stones, glitter and more can also be used.


Keep your home smelling good

Adding fragrance to your home is the last step in prepping your home for the festive season. Light incense sticks, fragrant candles and place potpourri in corners to keep your home filled with freshness and good fragrances. 


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