4 must haves for an eco-friendly home!

People across the globe celebrated ‘World Environment Day’ on June 5; and the key takeaway from all the TED-talks, cross-country conferences and numerous new initiatives to protect and propel greenery is that every individual needs to contribute!

So, why not make your home an eco-friendly unit so that you can enjoy the perks of both, modern-day comfort and yesteryear greenery!

Here are 5 simple yet must-have features to turn your home into eco-friendly:

  • Solar Heaters:

    Solar energy can be an efficient replacement. Use solar water heaters, batteries, solar lamps, etc. to reduce power consumption. Solar rooftop panels are a one-time investment but can help in reducing electricity costs by a huge margin!
  • Compost:

    If we start recycling the vegetable cuttings, we can create our personalised compost for gardens. You will help reduce the humongous amounts of organic waste generated every day.
  • Water Harvesting:

    Every house can be a source of conserving water. By having a water harvesting system installed in your house, or in your community, you can contribute in preserving and replenishing ground water levels.
  • Green Products:

    Use low-VOC paints for your walls; reduce the use of plastic or polyethene products; use organic food and home-décor products, install LED appliances; every small change will have a lasting result.

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