Truly a catalyst in the changing landscape of Larkins Group, Mr. Kekin Rambhia is a senior member of the Management Team and spearheads the overall Marketing function. With an undying passion for setting high benchmarks and scaling greater heights, Mr. Rambhia plays an important role in guiding the group with market penetration and consolidation strategies. He firmly believes that for an organization to grow continuously, it must focus on customer delight at every engagement. Mr. Rambhia has inculcated a culture of innovation and excellence within Larkins Group. His sharp focus on successfully integrating consumer need and product delivery has enabled the Group to implement industry leading processes and practices.

Mr. Rambhia’s biggest achievement is shifting the focus of Larkins Group from budget homes to luxury apartments. He is a strong believer in giving the customer more than what he or she expects. With a vision of taking Larkins Group to the premium inventory segment, Mr. Rambhia conceptualized and developed Pride Presidency, a residential project which offers perfect design and luxurious ambience. Always passionate about doing things first, Mr. Rambhia developed the first skyscraper in Thane and etched the name of Larkins Group in Thane’s real estate history. Under his leadership and vision, Larkins Group is developing Pride Palms, a prestigious ‘Palm’ theme based premium residential project in Thane and L'Amour, a Gothic-Roman theme based project. Mr. Rambhia keeps himself updated on the latest premium residential projects being developed worldwide, for delivering a truly world class living experience to our customers.

At the prestigious MCHI Expo in 2014, Larkins Group won the “most innovative stall” award. This was due to the farsightedness of Mr. Rambhia, who placed photocopies of all approvals received by the residential projects, along with detailed product literature. This raised the trust factor in the minds of the customers for Larkins Group and lead MCHI to create a special category for this award. Such is the path-breaking innovation that Mr. Rambhia brings to the Group.