A man of exemplary vision and enterprise, Late Mr. Jayendra Gangji Gala is the Founder and Chairman of Larkins Group. Under his leadership and guidance, the Group has grown from a small entity in 1979 to Thane’s most respected and preferred real estate conglomerate. It was under Late Mr. Gala’s mentorship that Larkins Group has successfully developed more than 5 million sq. ft. in Thane’s prestigious locations. The organization is closely guided by his core philosophy of earning and retaining the customer’s trust and goodwill. Late Mr. Gala’s commitment to ethics and a propagating a work culture conducive to growth, inspired the team to excel in every department. Having consolidated the Group’s leadership position in the residential apartment segment late Mr. Gala was a passionate philanthropist and earnestly believed in giving back to society. He has given residential apartments to homeless elderly persons by creating a ‘Vrudhashram’. He has contributed for the society by funding housing to the members of the society, which is popularly known as Larkins Nagar at Dombivali. The G.T. Road (Gala Todkar Road) in Thane is named jointly after Late Mr. Gala and his former business partner, Mr. Todkar.