When young and passionate individuals join a growing organization, you can be assured of productive transformation for meeting new business challenges. A Bachelor of Management Studies from Mumbai University, Mr. Hemal Jayendra Gala is pursuing a Diploma in Real Estate Management from Thadomal Shahani College, for a detailed understanding of land acquisition, liaising, calculating constructing cost and successfully meeting challenges in all segments of the construction business. He is the youngest senior management team member of Larkins Group.

For getting a first-hand experience of the Group’s business. Mr. Gala began his training by actively interacting with all stakeholders across different sections of the construction sites. In a short period, he understood all the dynamics of the ground level challenges and knew it was time to move forward. Judiciously learning the ropes across all Group divisions, Mr. Gala is now spearheading the Digital endeavour and has ambitious plans of positioning Larkins Group as a digital first organization. Realizing that digital has become the first point of access for property buyers, Mr. Gala is empowering channel partners with interactive and informative mobile applications, which will help them to access real time information about all projects at the touch of a button. He has taken the lead for engaging prospective buyers and stakeholders across digital and social media. He leads an able team of committed professionals who share his grand vision of taking Larkins Group to the next level.